Python wraps itself around big data

Python and big data have recently been in the news. Continuum Analytics just received $3M from DARPA (I hope they cash their check before the possible sequester) to develop big data capabilities for Python with projects Blaze and Bokeh. This is promising news for those of us that are not proficient in multiple programming languages. At this point, Java has been the lingua franca for most big data applications. This project won’t address all the performance issues with Python, hence the common use of Java in most development, but hopefully it’ll allow us non-polylingual programmers do to some heavy lifting without all the curly braces.

Once again GigaOm’s Derrick Harris gives us a great report in, “DARPA puts $3M into startup pushing big data in Python.”

InformationWeek Government also has a nice article, “DARPA Funds Python Big Data Effort,” by J. Nicholas Hoover.

Also check out Continuum Analytics’ blog announcement about the project and another post detailing Blaze.